I’m a graphic designer living and working in Chicago. But this is my personal/art work, initiated as a way to get away from the computer.

There’s a couple different types of work up here. Much of the pieces are small, layered, dense collages exploring balance, composition, texture, and color. They utilize found scraps of paper, old rub-down type, and other ephemera.

Much of the rest are simpler, more rigid formal explorations that are built out of found paper or spray-painted using stencils.


About Me

I moved here to Chicago in May 2006 from Oakland, California. I worked there for about 10 years after graduating from college in Seattle, where I grew up. In the Bay Area, I worked for Chronicle Books, Dwell Magazine, and then Apple Computer. When I arrived in Chicago, I went to work for a small branding agency in downtown Chicago named Remedy. Now I run an independent studio called Hazen Creative, Inc. I have a number of blogs (see right) and am also a musician. My wife, 2 sons, mutt, and I live in the Irving Park neighborhood, in the northwestern corner of Chicago.